The Marionettist
Restive Nation 

Animated Music Video


Create a story-driven animated music video for alt prog/electronic crossover band, Restive Nation for the release and promotion of their track 'The Marionettist' (eta: March 18th 2022)


 My Role:

 Story written by Simon Prunty.

Animation, Art Direction, Character Design and Storyboards by Simon Prunty.

**  All character designs and artwork of 'The Marionettist' is copyright Simon Prunty 2022. **


'The Marionettist' music video was released on March 18th 2022 alongside limited edition band merchandise featuring my character artwork. I also created a limited edition run of lino cut ink prints inspired by the video and sold through my

Shop here.

Malik's Mission
Denis McArdle 

Storyboards - Concept Art

** 'Malik's' Mission' is Copyright Denis McArdle 2021  **


Create impactful Storyboards and Concept Art for Writer/Director, Denis McArdle for his short film project, Malik's Mission, which was a finalist in the European Space Agency's 'New Worlds Film Competition' 2021/22. This work was intended to be 'pitch;' art aimed at giving Juror's a vivid sense of the story and overall tone.

My Role

Storyboards / Concept Art by Simon Prunty.

NOTE:  Animatic video (above) edited by Bruno Riva.


The client was very happy with the work following a positive collaboration spanning several months and delivered a confident pitch to the European Space Agency panel in February 2022. 

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