What Comes Next?

A tale of who I am... 

When I was in my early teens, I wrote and drew a comic book that was published in my school magazine. I ended this comic strip on a classic cliff-hanger; our hero is facing imminent death !! How would he escape?! It was pure Adam West Batman territory. I was terrified it would fail. Surely everyone would think it was silly? But it worked...

Classmates demanded to know: what comes next ? I felt the sudden rush and joy that comes with successful visual storytelling; the capture of the viewer's attention, the delight of their imagination. In essence, this is who I am. And it is what I want to help you do too. 


I am a professional Storyboard Artist and Illustrator with a diverse and multi-skilled background: a graduate of The National College of Art and Design with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art Media {specialising in Photography and Film-Making}, a published writer of short stories, a gallery-featured photographer {Seamus Ennis Art Centre, RUA RED Centre} and formally a teacher of traditional film photography and darkroom printing {Trinity College, Dublin}. 

All of these disciplines and experiences help me see the bigger picture in visual storytelling, giving me an intuitive understanding of how to capture a viewers attention and keep it suspended on that precious question: what comes next? 

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