How I solve your Storyboard needs ...

How Do We Get Started And What Do I Charge ?

My Storyboarding and Illustration services are diverse and flexible and I always aim to accommodate my client's circumstances as best I can. The first successful step is communication. If you have a project that requires storyboards, I invite you to contact me through the ' Contact'  link above . Tell me about your project. Who are you? What is your project? Why does it require storyboards? This will set me up to help you quickly and efficiently, and begin to understand a cost estimate for you too. What I charge is proportional to what you require. The better we specify your storyboard needs, the easier it will be to accurately estimate my service charge.

Who Do I Work With And How ?

I work with Creative Professionals of all backgrounds: Film/TV Directors, Advertising Agencies, Game Developers and Art Directors. And I recognise that all of these backgrounds have their own individual requirements from a storyboarding service. It is my priority to adapt to and fulfil those requirements with a flexible range of styles. As a simple taster of that flexibility, please see the Styles section of my website. The examples you will view in Styles are not exhaustive, but rather simply intended to suggest a type of service that benefits your project most.