The Marionettist
Restive Nation 

Animated Music Video


Create a story-driven animated music video for alt prog/electronic crossover band, Restive Nation for the release and promotion of their track 'The Marionettist' (eta: March 18th 2022)


 My Role:

 Story written by Simon Prunty.

Animation, Art Direction, Character Design and Storyboards by Simon Prunty.

** All character designs and artwork of 'The Marionettist' is copyright Simon Prunty 2022. **


'The Marionettist' music video was released on March 18th 2022 alongside limited edition band merchandise featuring my character artwork. I also created a limited edition run of lino cut ink prints inspired by the video and sold through my

Shop here.

How did I develop the project?

 Character Design stage
(click to enlarge)

T-Shirt Design
featuring Character Design

Marionettist T-shirt design.png

My finished character design was featured on the band's official merchandise, found here on Restive Nation's online store:

Early Animation Test

One of the early goals for The Marionettist project was figuring out how to animate the entire project by myself using the
Grease Pencil tool of Blender 3D.
This video was an early test I completed in Blender. I felt the results were successful for the graphic, gothic style and atmosphere I was aiming for.

Storyboarding Stage

Storyboarding and creating an animatic for The Marionettist was critical. A music track has changing dynamics, a unique pace and descriptive lyrics, and when all is said and done the video needs to serve the song, not the other way around.
So... aligning and arranging the story to very specific timestamps of the track was the goal.
And given this is Animation after all, an animatic was also extremely important to making sure I wasn't animating a minute more of footage in Blender 3D than I had to and stayed on a production schedule.